Zyllem keen on expanding operations in PHL–exec

As the e-commerce industry in the Philippines continues to rise, cloud-based logistics technology provider Zyllem plans to capitalize on the growing need for logistics transport services and expand its operations in the country.

Zyllem COO and Co-Founder Lisa Nguyen said the Philippines is “an important market” for the company given that its e-commerce industry recorded 93 percent growth in gross merchandise value to $17 billion and its $11-billion logistics sector, which is “ripe for distribution through digitalization.”

“Zyllem is poised to capitalize on this growth as more businesses are seeing the necessity to provide better and faster services, and look to optimize their logistics network to meet their customer’s orders,” she said in an interview.

“As the fastest growing digital economy in the region, the Philippines is an important market for us to achieve that. The Philippines presents an exciting opportunity to help companies digitize and optimize their logistics network, eliminating legacy systems, despite the numerous unique logistical challenges that the country presents.”

Zyllem is a cloud-based software that allows companies to manage and operate their entire logistics distribution network in a “more efficient, simplified, and transparent way.”

Joanna Pawluczuk, Head of Sales at Zyllem, added that logistics in the Philippines represents a “tremendous challenge” due to its geographic makeup which relies heavily on maritime transport to move goods domestically and internationally, which is further complicated by inconsistent regulations between port authorities.

“Logistics networks are often fragmented with companies having to manage multiple third party logistics partners and middlemen. Zyllem solves operational pain points with data gathered and fed into a unified dashboard, where customers will be able to take control of their logistic network and streamline their operations,” she said.

The company is able to optimize routes and reduce time spent on planning by 85 percent, allowing drivers to complete up to 30 percent more deliveries per day. This, she said, results in an enhanced customer experience.

The company has so far been tapped by pharmaceutical group Zuellig Pharma, Metro Drug Inc, logistics firm Airspeed, and wholesale grocery distribution company Suy Sing.

Pawluczuk said the group is targeting to gain more customers in sectors such as health, food and beverage, retail, and logistics.

“We are focused on any customer that has distribution needs. Based on our current customer base, we are definitely focused on medical distribution, food and beverage distribution, retail, and helping directly logistics and transportation companies in managing their challenges. But any distribution of any kind or retailer of any type of product is a perfect customer for Zyllem,” she said.

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