Team LMNT Welcomes Bradley Beal

Three-time NBA All-Star and NBA Community Assist Award Winner Bradley Beal is officially Salty. Brad is teaming up with hard-charging electrolyte brand LMNT to bring truly healthy hydration to athletes, fans, and families. For Brad and LMNT, that means hydration with no sugar or artificial junk (i.e., no neon coloring) and lots of tasty electrolytes, specifically salt.

But before we go further, let’s put talk into action. You can hydrate the heroes in your life by nominating them here. Be it healthcare workers, first responders, teachers, coaches, or volunteers, you nominate them and we’ll take care of the rest.

Because that’s what this is all really about. LMNT is a fast-growing brand fueled by a particularly passionate community—a community that cares about the health calamities perpetuated by sugar-bloated drinks and misinformed guidance on the importance of salt. With Brad’s guidance and cross-generational reach, especially among young athletes, we’re fired up about the opportunity to bring healthier hydration to more health seekers. And it’s an honor to officially recognize and celebrate Brad as part of our LMNT family.

We created LMNT to spark a salty rebellion. If you sweat, whether you’re a high-performing athlete or a do-it-all mom, chances are you could benefit from more electrolytes—not more sugar or artificial coloring. Consider this: athletes can lose 2,000 mg or more of salt per hour of physical activity. But at around just 250 mg of sodium, the most popular “sports drinks” are woefully lacking in electrolytes, specifically salt. Sweat doesn’t taste sweet nor does it look neon.

Brad discovered LMNT while working with his coaches on the Wizards training staff two years ago to dial in his performance. He felt the game-changing difference immediately, and he’s been using it ever since. His belief in the product and the mission, coupled with his entrepreneurial instincts, led him to invest in LMNT.

“More than anything, I want to positively impact others,” Beal explains. “And that’s why it was a no-brainer to invest in and partner with LMNT. I see the work they’re doing to drive hydration to a healthier place—to help people truly take care of their bodies, and that’s what I believe in, too.”

As our relationship with Brad grew, so too did our desire to collaborate more deeply. Health leaders and community are core to LMNT’s mission. And while Brad is indeed one of the best basketball players on the planet, what’s even more impressive is his relentless commitment to positively impacting the health of others in his community.

“Brad speaks loudest through his actions,” says James Murphy, LMNT CEO. “Whether it’s mentoring and awarding college scholarships to local students in D.C, or spending much of his offseason coaching AAU basketball in his native St. Louis, Brad is focused on lifting others up. That’s a core value of ours and one you’ll see throughout how we engage with our community.”

And that’s enough talk from us. Let’s put healthy hydration into action. If you know folks supporting the health of others, send them free electrolytes here. Because our work together is just beginning. Or, as Brad likes to say: Stay Humble. Stay Hungry. Stay Salty.

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