Blotout tagged by Pixated to Provide Brands Measurable Ad Performance Results In Post-Cookie World

Blotout and Pixated together provide clients with advanced measurement, attribution, and activation for the cookieless era.

REMONT, Calif., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blotout, a customer data platform that solves data loss and builds trust by capturing and activating customer data and putting it in the hands of enterprises, today announces its partnership with the performance marketing agency, Pixated. Together they provide clients with advanced measurement, attribution, and activation for the cookieless era.

Ad performance measurement has never been more difficult than now. Marked by the introduction of iOS 14.5, ad blocking, GDPR requirements, and the demise of the third-party pixel, Google Analytics (and all third-party SaaS) tracking capability on iOS, the impact on commerce and subscription business is just beginning, seen by the irreversible break in measurement, attribution, and activation stacks. Agencies need to partner with tech innovators to solve this problem at scale.

“In the cookieless era, it’s vital that businesses collect first-party data in order to maximize ROI which is why our partnership with Blotout makes sense. It gives our clients access to a proven system that works out of the box with no intensive and complicated development.” Areej Khan, Co-founder of Pixated added.

Using Blotout’s EdgeTag, Pixated can repair the flow of signals to Meta. With EdgeTag, signals are consented to and use the Meta C-API instead of a client-side script that suffers from a fragmented ID and lost signal potency. The benefit is realized almost immediately. Within 48 hours Meta Event Match Quality scores increase up to over 30%.

How it works:

  • Pixel delivery to Meta in less than 3 ms including a consent check
  • An ID that lets you build audience lookalikes for the future
  • A solution that empowers advertisers to be the sole controller of their data
  • Regional data zoning and consent check to comply with European laws (both Privacy Shield & GDPR) for example

Advertisers that depend on the Meta client-side pixels for ad targeting have seen their per-unit ad spend rise because they are sending back considerably less data than they were before and therefore, simply missing out on their target audiences. Observing these challenges, advertisers realized a limited set of answers. Meta for example, has offered a Conversion API (C-API) that requires server-side code, and very few advertisers have the wherewithal to implement it.

“Our campaigns have benefited immensely since implementing EdgeTag and we’re seeing an average of 30% uplift in performance as a result.” – Arham Khan, Co-founder of Pixated

The CEO of Blotout, Mandar Shinde said, “We found Pixated to be an agency that is very thorough and savvy, understanding both the needs of their clients and the technical details of achieving high performance very well. With their expertise and our product innovations, together we have helped their clients increase their performance quickly and sustainably.”

About Pixated

Pixated is a market-leading UK-based performance marketing agency that specializes in results-driven advertising. They provide teams with years of experience to mastermind innovative and creative campaigns sculpted to achieve the best possible results for any business across a range of paid media channels.

Pixated is an award-winning performance marketing and web design agency specializing in highly effective online ad campaigns and digital experiences. With a team of experienced in-house specialists at hand, they are the go-to agency when it comes to crafting high-converting campaigns geared towards generating the best ROI for ambitious brands around the world.

About Blotout

Blotout is modern data infrastructure that helps businesses amplify their marketing ROI by restoring customer identity and data accuracy in the post-cookie world.

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