1. a combination of the words advantage and veritas, the latin word for truth.

Our Approach

Advantas Capital Ventures, LLC is an early stage investment company, providing seed capital to promising startups around the globe.

By investing directly, as well as co-investing through angel syndicates with our own seed investment funds, we have created a unique model that allows our firm to invest in high-potential startups through a diversified portfolio approach curated and managed by our team.
Global Reach

Passion is the key to success

Among the characteristics and abilities that lead to the doorway of success, passion stands above all else. Unlike knowledge, skill, or other factors, passion is innate: it can’t be learned or inherited but is always present. Passion, a relentless drive to reach one’s goals, is the x-factor that unites all successful start-ups and founders as a common denominator.

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Envision and work passionately towards your dreams and goals every single day until it becomes a reality.
— Henry Horn - Founder of Advantas Capital

How Advantas Capital Invests


Where do we invest?

We invest in start-ups all over the world. To date we have invested in companies based in the United States, Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia and Latin America. We always keep an eye on innovative companies that fit our investing model.


How much do we invest?

We invest at the Seed, Series A, and Bridge rounds. We typically look at companies raising anywhere from $1mm to $5mm at the start-up stage, however we also invest in pre-ipo and public companies. We prefer to invest directly, but will also co-invest through angel syndicates.


What do we invest in?

We invest in start-ups that leverage technology and the internet to scale rapidly and disrupt existing industries in technology, digital healthcare and sustainable food – from electric vehicles to fintech, telehealth to plant-based foods, mobile apps to B2B, IoT to SaaS platforms.


How do you pitch to us?

You can share your vision with us preferably through an introduction in our network. You can also find us on social media and give us your best pitch, or use our contact page and upload your deck.

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